Oculus' Hugo Barra Unboxes the new Oculus Go

  • Oculus' Hugo Barra Unboxes the new Oculus Go

Oculus' Hugo Barra Unboxes the new Oculus Go

Reddit user Heaney555 posted a picture of a locked cabinet filled with Go headsets at his local Best Buy.

The e-retail giant late on Monday night (Apr. 30) quietly started offering pre-orders on the $199 Oculus Go. As of this writing, if you try to pre-order the device, Amazon's listing page says that it's unavailable. In order to solve this problem, the Oculus Go was announced late a year ago and does not require a PC or smartphone, and instead functions as a stand-alone unit. Earlier today, an image briefly appeared on a Facebook VR group page showing a sign "informing attendees that they can pick up their own Oculus Go unit at the registration desk later today".

However, as of Tuesday morning, the $199 Oculus Go appeared to have already sold out as the Amazon listed it as now unavailable.

Behind a glass case, the user saw both 32gb and 64gb versions of the device.

It's also wireless and features a "fast switch" LCD screen with a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. For one, the company didn't say when the device would launch and instead used a placeholder of December 31.

Starting at £199, Facebook believes the new headset can get more people into VR with social experiences, cheap, mobile games and experiences like live concerts and movies from the likes of Netflix.

A separate report from UploadVR this morning notes that F8 developer attendees are likely to receive Oculus Go headsets for free.

The Oculus Go is also designed with a lightweight, breathable fabric so that it can be worn for hours at a time.