Apple Is Building "16K" VR Wireless Headset

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Apple Is Building "16K" VR Wireless Headset

Already in 2020, the market should appear a wireless headset that supports the technology of virtual and augmented realities, which are now developed by the engineers of Apple. The now targeted release date for Apple headset is in 2020, but plans for the device may still change, or perhaps even get canceled. It will be completely wireless, connecting to its dedicated box through a high-speed, short-range wireless technology.

Apple's tryst with AR and VR aren't new. It may be true that Apple is working on ending its partnership with Intel by 2020 to focus on building its own ARM-based processors, but that distance looks exaggerating.

Apple's headset would be capable of detecting your position in a room, and secondary sensors won't be required to set up the device unlike other VR headsets such as Oculus or Vive. If only Apple comes out with one in the days to come, that is. Yes, the headset would be fully wireless which would be connected with a small box. The box will be powered by a 5 nm processor. The device will be used for both virtual and augmented reality, and if the report is indeed accurate, will contains a pair of 8K displays.

After all of Apple's time and energy spent promoting AR, it's interesting to see that the company is (reportedly) combining the technology that overlays digital renders onto the real world (AR) with VR, which takes users into a wholly virtual world. The following iPhone X launch had a 15-minute segment of an Apple employee demonstrating the AR capabilities of the new iPhones with the A11 Bionic chipset.

The VR project of Apple Inc is termed as T288 and the device would be built on custom designed chips and certainly excludes having clumsy wires of present AR headsets. With that in mind, having a 16K display for your VR experience would truly bring the technology to the next level as most VR headsets hardly break the 1440p/2K resolution, and most of those require your smartphone or computer to operate.