Amazon announces a new version of Echo device for Kids

  • Amazon announces a new version of Echo device for Kids

Amazon announces a new version of Echo device for Kids

FreeTime is geared toward kids, so most content is family-friendly, including 300 Audible books that Alexa can read to children, ad-free stations and playlists from iHeartRadio that are also kid-friendly, and "premium skills" from partners including Disney and Nickelodeon that offer more ways that children can interact with Alexa.

Parents now can get their children their own smart agent, the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, a miniature version in the Echo line.

So don't feel you have to get a Fire Kids Tablet, though if you're an iFamily, be aware that FreeTime Unlimited is not compatible with iOS devices.

Amazon also announced a new version of its diminutive Echo Dot speaker designed for kids, which it's unsurprisingly calling the Echo Dot Kids Edition, which will launch on May 9. It comes with all the FreeTime parental controls features, one year of FreeTime Unlimited family plan, a kid-friendly case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

Parents can broadcast messages to the Echo Dot Kids Edition through other Echo devices throughout the home. The free version will bring "parental controls and family-focused features" to any of Amazon's Echo devices.

Would you give an Echo Dot Kids Edition to your children?

I set up the types of controls a parent might want to enforce on a young user, such as what content Junior could access and daily time limits.

The new device comes with a one-year FreeTime Unlimited subscription. "Perhaps that will lessen the fear that some parents have that adding an AI (artificial intelligent assistant) is ruining kids" etiquette". FreeTime is the subscription service with child-friendly features and parental controls that's previously only available on Fire, Kindle and Android devices.

The biggest difference between Echo Spot and other Echo devices available in India is that the Echo Spot comes with a touchscreen display.

After launching Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot, Amazon has now launched yet another smart speaker in the Indian market - Amazon Echo Spot. However, as with other Alexa devices, you can review and delete the recordings.

For example, when a kid asks whether their favorite soccer team is winning, Alexa will answer and then add "Thank you for asking so politely".

FreeTime has been around for the Echo for a while now, offering parents the facility to set various restrictions for their child's echo, including the all-important option to turn off voice purchases and hide inappropriate skills.