Danish inventor Peter Madsen handed life term for Kim Wall's murder

  • Danish inventor Peter Madsen handed life term for Kim Wall's murder

Danish inventor Peter Madsen handed life term for Kim Wall's murder

Peter "Rocket" Madsen, the Danish inventor who sought to put himself into space aboard an amateur-built rocket and built (with the aid of colleagues) his own submarine-the UC3 Nautilus-was found guilty today by a judge and two jurors in the weird death of journalist Kim Wall, who disappeared last August while aboard the Nautilus.

The judge told him it had been a "cynical murder" of a journalist who'd been carrying out her duties, finding him guilty of premeditated murder and sexual assault.

Madsen, dressed entirely in black, sat motionless as the Copenhagen City Court handed down its verdict in a grisly case straight from the pages of a dark Scandinavian psycho-thriller. He initially said she died after hitting her head.

Wall's dismembered body and decapitated head were recovered weeks after her disappearance, as Madsen repeatedly changed his story about what happened to her.

Explaining the verdict, Burkoe said that Madsen dismembered Wall's body in order to hide his crime and that he had not provided a reasonable explanation for the injuries found on her body or for his decision to bring a saw, screwdrivers and other items onto the UC3 Nautilus submarine.

While the exact cause of death was hard to ascertain because of the state in which her remains were found, post-mortem analysis revealed stabbing wounds around her genitals leading the prosecution to suggest Madsen had a sexual motive.

Madsen has changed his story about Wall's death several times.

At the time of her murder, she was living with her boyfriend near Peter Madsen's workshop in a disused Copenhagen shipyard.

Peter Madsen in May 2017.

He said Madsen who is accused of either cutting Wall's throat or strangling her, is not insane but "emotionally impaired with severe lack of empathy, anger and guilt".

Madsen stood quietly listening as the judge read out the verdict.

Prosecutors, who accuse the eccentric inventor of premeditated murder, aggravated sexual assault and desecrating a corpse, had called for a life sentence, which in Denmark averages around 16 years.

After being rescued, Madsen told authorities that before the submarine went down he had dropped Wall off on Copenhagen's trendy Refshale island, where she lived and he kept his workshop.

She had contacted him months earlier asking for an interview.

Buch-Jepsen also quoted a court-ordered psychiatric report that described Madsen as an intelligent man "with psychopathic tendencies".

He claimed Wall died from breathing exhaust gases that had leaked into the submarine due to a technical error while he was on the deck preparing to submerge.

Wall, a freelance journalist was last seen August 10 as she departed on the submarine with Madsen. "You divide it into something smaller". "She reported them deeply - she never made a spectacle of the characters".

Madsen has said the reporter's death was accidental.

During his trial, one witness said Madsen had talked about his desire to create a snuff film.