Senate Judiciary Committee to consider Mueller protection bill today

  • Senate Judiciary Committee to consider Mueller protection bill today

Senate Judiciary Committee to consider Mueller protection bill today

"I'm the one who decides what we take to the floor, that's my responsibility as the majority leader, and we will not be having this on the floor of the Senate", he said.

"Beyond legal and constitutional considerations, it's in the political self-interest of Republicans to protect the special counsel's investigation".

It's well past time for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to stand up and protect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian sabotage of the 2016 presidential election.

Grassley told the committee that McConnell's views "do not govern what happens here in the Judiciary Committee".

Perhaps the main reason why a bill to realize Trump's spending cuts will not advance in the U.S. Senate is because Mitch McConnell does not want to support spending cuts, Pandolfo said.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, put the bill on his committee's agenda for a markup Thursday, which under the panel's rules means it will it will come before the committee next week. A Quinnipiac poll released last week finds massive public opposition to firing Mueller - and that even Republicans oppose firing Mueller by more than a two-to-one margin.

"If I was the president's lawyer, I'd say, if you don't think you did anything wrong, ignore it and continue being President of the United States". "I just plan on doing the work that this committee ought to do". The committee's ranking member, Sen.

"I think that this committee should consider a law whether requiring judicial review of the removal of a special counsel is appropriate", said Grassley.

"I don't think he should fire Mueller and I don't think he's going to", the Kentucky Republican said in the interview.

Grassley previously told sponsors of two competing special counsel bills that they needed to merge their proposals before he agreed to bring them up.

McConnell and Ryan, whose respective bodies have exercised nearly no oversight of an executive branch that careens from one scandal to the next, publicly insist that there is no reason to shield Mueller's investigation into relations between President Donald Trump's allies and foreign operatives.

"And I don't know how to conspire", he said before gaveling the hearing to a close.