North Korea willing to accept 'complete denuclearization' without conditions, Moon says

  • North Korea willing to accept 'complete denuclearization' without conditions, Moon says

North Korea willing to accept 'complete denuclearization' without conditions, Moon says

"North Korea is expressing a will for a complete denuclearization", Moon told reporters.

"Hopefully, that meeting will be a great success and we're looking forward to it", Trump said, adding that it would be tremendous for the world if the meeting went well.

The South Korean official said he did not know if any joint summit statement would include wording about ending the war, "but we certainly hope to be able to include an agreement to end hostile acts between the South and North".

But despite Mr Trump welcoming the meeting as progress, Mr Pompeo warned the U.S. may have to "move past diplomacy" to put an end to Kim's World War 3 threats.

Trump's message about the prisoners comes on heels of news this week that CIA Director Mike Pompeo had secretly traveled to North Korea to speak with Kim Jong Un.

According to a North Asia analyst, Stephen Nagy, North Korea is looking carefully and tightening its security measures against the U.S. after what they just saw in Syria this week. He also criticized Pompeo for failing to disclose his recent trip to North Korea in meetings with lawmakers.

Trump, who unexpectedly agreed to the Kim talks last month, has pressed forward with his plans, despite concerns from regional allies such as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who arrived in Florida this week to warn Trump that past United States talks with North Korea have failed. The New York Times noted "t$3 here is still no guarantee that the talks will happen, or that Mr. Kim is prepared to discuss denuclearization..." specifically in the terms and aspects that the Trump Administration and Washington DC wants, which is the complete elimination of a nuclear program in North Korea.

The prisoners were last seen by Joseph Yun, a State Department representative who dealt with North Korea a year ago when he helped handle the removal of another USA prisoner, Otto Warmbier. And Japan remains the only major US ally not to be exempted from the tariffs announced last month.

"We have to use all instruments of national power to make it clear to Kim Jong Un, if he continues to threaten our own homeland and global stability, we will take whatever steps are necessary to prevent him from doing that and he will not survive that clash", Gallagher said.

On trade, Mr Trump and Mr Abe agreed to start talks on "free, fair and reciprocal trade deals". North Korea's past behavior shows it is as slippery as an eel.

"We do not want to go through (the) traditional process that happened over the years where you get this gradual kind of approach that the North eventually goes back on", the USA envoy to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, Robert Wood, told reporters. There's a chance of having a good dialogue. we're working very hard on that.

Pelosi said she hopes he is not confirmed by the Senate next week.

One Republican on Foreign Relations, Senator Rand Paul, opposes Pompeo, so the nominee would need at least one Democrat to get a majority of votes on the committee, which has 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats.

The hawkish Central Intelligence Agency chief's opposition to same-sex marriage has come under scrutiny and he has also made controversial remarks about Islam.