US House Speaker Ryan Says He Won't Run for Re-Election

  • US House Speaker Ryan Says He Won't Run for Re-Election

US House Speaker Ryan Says He Won't Run for Re-Election

- He doesn't want to run for re-election in a year in which Republicans are widely expected to suffer heavy losses at the hands of enraged Democrats. Claiming he's accomplished "a heckuva lot", he said the party can point to strong gains as lawmakers campaign ahead of November elections. After 20 years in Congress, a failed vice-presidential bid on Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential ticket and two and half years as Speaker of the House, Ryan has little more to show than failed policies and internal dissent within the RNC.

"I'm grateful to the president", Ryan said, one way or another, four times at a press conference where he never mentioned Kemp once. "We need someone in that chair who will commit to not bringing up bills that are not paid for, that are going to bankrupt this country".

And least a few buddies together with a leader of this tea-party movements have publically and privately suggested they could add to the congressional rankings following November, giving power in direction voting to them.

The 48-year-old Wisconsin politician made it official Wednesday when he announced that he's volunteering to leave his post, which is third in line of succession for the presidency, and will not be running for re-election.

But the Republican who ended up being personally criticized wasn't the president, but exiting House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan has been "a steady force in contrast to the president's more mercurial tone", said Rep. Mark Sanford of SC. He wants to spend more time with his children rather than continuing to be a "weekend dad".

"I just can't let that happen", he said at the time.

With the 2016 election of rampantly conservative President Donald Trump, Ryan had all of the necessary tools at his disposal - a Republican majority in the House and the Senate, a Republican president jumping at the bit to overhaul fundamental, liberal institutions in the federal system, and a conservative-leaning Supreme Court to back any legislation that could pose legal problems.

"Paul Ryan is an institution here in Janesville and also in the 1st Congressional District". Along with Reps. Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy, he branded himself a rising "young gun" in an aging party and a new breed of hard-charging Republican ready to shrink the size of government.

In Wisconsin, the most likely Republican candidate for Ryan's seat is state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, multiple Republicans in the state said. Trump took a hands-off approach to talks that produced a budget that will create trillion dollar deficits and Ryan - always a budget hawk - went along with it all. Trumpism is ascendant in Washington, but is a permanent Republican shift away from conservative orthodoxy and the establishment underway - or is the party makeover temporary? Steil did not immediately return an email seeking comment. "He now leaves the Republican party here in Washington - because, really, he's a major leader here in that party - a bit rudderless as it prepares for a tough reelection battle in 2018".

Ryan moved to preempt an open succession scramble, telling reporters that he meant to "stay here and run through the tape" until a new Congress is seated in January.