The Guardian view on Facebook: time to tame the surveillance economy

  • The Guardian view on Facebook: time to tame the surveillance economy

The Guardian view on Facebook: time to tame the surveillance economy

"If Facebook is truly committed to protecting people's privacy, the company should set an example, by adhering to [the] highest data protection standards for all users".

Facebook builds "shadow profiles" of people who are not users by accessing data from inboxes and smartphone contacts of those who are active users, Gizmodo and other publications have reported. If somebody takes digital information, under the Criminal Code it's not theft ... "We have to make sure people aren't using it to harm people or spread disinformation", Zuckerberg told the Senators. The social network had even kept a permanent record of the roughly 100 people I had deleted from my friends list over the last 14 years, including my exes.

Now that you know the status of your data, what you decide to do with your account is up to you.

Most recently, chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg has faced several days of questioning by the US Congress, though the value of the results has been questionable.

Later on, Rep. Barton read Zuckerberg a letter from a constituent voicing concern over Facebook's treatment of the conservative women and asked the tech giant for his response.

With controversy surrounding Facebook's collection of users' information, it is possible to find out exactly how much they know.

Facebook is allowing select academics to examine its data as part of a new election research commission.

I have been getting messages re having to pay for Facebook after tomorrow.

"The Internet is growing in importance around the world in people's lives, and I think that it is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation", he said.

Laidlaw said this shocking Facebook scandal is specific damage but says there are other general ways that "chill" participation online.

The congressman said non-members of Facebook wanting to know what data the company holds are directed by the service to sign up for a page in order to see what information is being harboured. She doesn't even have a Facebook account, and she believes the diaper coupons started to come because they had purchased diapers for her grandchild using her credit card.

However, he rejected suggestions from Congress members that Facebook users did not have enough control over their data.

Whilst being grilled by Senator Orrin Hatch, Zuckerberg was asked whether Facebook would always be free.

Facebook and Britain's Information Commissioner's Office is still investigating the Cambridge Analytica brief.

A key discussion in the five-hour hearing was the urban legend that Facebook secretly records audio through microphones on a phone to target advertisements to users.

"I could use that information in order to send them ads suggesting that they could vote online - something that happened in the US presidential election - in order to discourage those people from actually going to a polling place and casting a ballot".

Laidlaw suggested that Canada needs to step up and follow Europe's lead when it comes to regulation and privacy laws.