Instagram Introduces 'Focus' Feature In Its Newest Updated Version

  • Instagram Introduces 'Focus' Feature In Its Newest Updated Version

Instagram Introduces 'Focus' Feature In Its Newest Updated Version

The Facebook-owned company has rolled out a new bokeh camera mode which will allow the user to take portraits even on those phones which don't have the feature of a portrait setting. Users will be able to follow the account by simply pointing their camera to the Nametags.

Until Instagram doesn't implement a solid data portability feature, applications like InstaPort, which allow the users to port their Instagram data via third party apps may keep their shady work going.

A number of data breaches may also be made public next month as companies race to beat the GDPR deadline. It's unclear at this point what resolution photos will be downloaded as, and whether the information you'll get will also include Instagram Stories, follower lists, or other Instagram features.

Facebook still has roughly 2 billion users, and Forrester forecasts that its services - including Instagram, FB Messenger and What'sApp - are on track to grow 25% from 2018 to 2019.

This new tool will facilitate Instagram users to monitor how much of their data is on the platform.

This comparison provided to TechCrunch by reader Genady Okrain shows how Instagram Focus blurs the background, but can make the edges of the face look a bit hazy too. The social graph, in question, helps Instagram's algorithm to show users the most relevant posts on their news feed.

Soon Instagram will allow users to download a copy of all Instagram Data, which they have uploaded on the photo-sharing platform.

We've reached out to the company for more info, and will update this article with its response. The tool will allow users to download data including their photos, videos and messages, he added.

Have you thought about deleting Instagram after Facebook's privacy screw-up?