Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong High Scores Deleted

  • Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong High Scores Deleted

Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong High Scores Deleted

Whatever the case, Billy Mitchell has always been regarded a king of gaming records, termed "Gamer of the Century" by game developers who were shocked as his gaming performances that included a flawless score in Pac-Man.

Where things get really interesting, though, is when you consider that Twin Galaxies also now considers all of Mitchell's arcade records across all games to be invalid as well.

Mitchell hasn't held the official record for Donkey Kong for a number of years.

Twin Galaxies came to the decision after months of research following the the original dispute claim against Mitchell's records made by member Jeremy Young.

Twin Galaxies also banned Mitchell from taking part in future competitions as part of its ruling, and said it submitted its findings to the Guinness Book of World Records. This effectively ends his career in competitive gaming.

Billy Mitchell is known as the first man to play a million-point game in Donkey Kong, and also one of the few people in the world to ever play a ideal game of PAC-MAN.

"The rules for submitting scores for the original arcade Donkey Kong competitive leaderboards requires the use of original arcade hardware only", writes Twin Galaxies.

Now, however, things have changed: Billy Mitchell is no longer the Donkey Kong king. Avoid the barrels and leave us a comment below! While Twin Galaxies can't prove Mitchell's scores were achieved on MAME specifically, they do know for a fact that none of his high scores were achieved through an unmodified arcade system. "The use of MAME or any other emulation software for submission to these leaderboards is strictly forbidden", Twin Galaxies. This would mean testing all other emulators other than MAME across all other platforms to eliminate the possibility that a different emu was used. "Twin Galaxies has experienced a nice big dose of that again with this dispute".

Five days after Young's challenge, Mitchell responded during an interview on an online talkshow called "East Side Dave". Along with Twin Galaxies findings, third parties were also consulted in this matter. However, Twin Galaxies understands that this is required for it to continue its commitment to accuracy. He is one of less than 20 players to have achieved a verified score of more than a million points.

Of significant note is that it is very straightforward for anyone to check the authenticity of the 1047 performance source tape by just cross-referencing the digital capture video of the performance that has been posted in this dispute thread with the very public "King of Kong" movie gameplay footage along with its DVD extras.

We must repeat, the truth is the priority.

The organization is widely respected as the authority on gaming records worldwide, and the administrative board has voted to strip Donkey Kong player Billy Mitchell of his world record scores.

The ban has no effect on the current world record in Donkey Kong, which now sits at the 1.247 million points set by Robbie Lakeman in February.