Baby boy born four years AFTER his parents died in vehicle crash

  • Baby boy born four years AFTER his parents died in vehicle crash

Baby boy born four years AFTER his parents died in vehicle crash

Hong-kong - Following an extended legal battle in China with no known precedent, " a mother has given birth to a boy four decades following his mom and dad perished in a auto crash, a neighborhood paper has reported.

The tragedy set off a years-long battle in court, as the parents of both Shen and Liu fought to claim the fertilised embryos as their own. Since the service is illegal in China, they had to look overseas, eventually hiring an agency and settling on Laos, where surrogacy is not prohibited.

The baby named Tiantian was born in China in December to a Laotian surrogate, The Beijing News reported this week.

Finally, they won the rights to the embryos and Tian Tian (which means "sweet" in Chinese) was born to a surrogate mother in Laos on Dec 9 previous year. In December 20-16, the surrogacy service received the embryos, which it drove to Laos in early 20 17.

They nicknamed him "Tiantian" (or "little sweet"), for the joy he brought after years of bitter legal battles and crushing loss.

The tot was born after an embryo was placed in a surrogate, following years of legal disputes over whether it could be used. The surrogate travelled to China on a tourist visa and gave birth on mainland territory.

On Tuesday, the newspaper released blurred-out pictures of the new family: In one, the four beaming grandparents gather around their unlikely grandchild. Last month, the family celebrated Tiantian's first 100 days by holding a small party.

Liu's mother was quoted by Beijing News as saying that the child laughed often.

All four grandparents submitted DNA samples to prove that they were biologically related to the baby and maintain custody, according to the Beijing News. Once the parents were eventually granted the embryos, they then had to find a hospital in China that was willing to store them.

"This boy is destined to be sad on his arrival into the world".

"For sure we will tell him what happened - what choice do we have?"