Step down, Gov. Greitens, or prepare to be impeached

  • Step down, Gov. Greitens, or prepare to be impeached

Step down, Gov. Greitens, or prepare to be impeached

Together with the legislative investigation and the jail case, Republican Authorized skilled Regular Josh Hawley has been investigating The Mission Continues, the veterans charity primarily based by Greitens, as a result of it related to the state's consumer security and charitable registration and reporting authorized pointers.

Ahead of the report's release, Democratic state lawmakers who had read the report called on the governor to resign, saying the details the report contained were too disturbing for him to continue in office.

Greitens is facing a criminal trial on a felony indictment in St. Louis for allegedly taking a compromising photo of the woman without her permission.

A woman testified before Missouri lawmakers that Gov. Eric Greitens was aggressive with her during a forced sexual encounter and used a partially nude photo as blackmail to keep her from speaking about their affair, a report says.

The woman testified she had several subsequent encounters with Greitens during which he slapped, grabbed and shoved her. The report says the committee does not have any photo nor any evidence that such a photo was transmitted, which is a key part of the felony charge Greitens faces.

"In just 33 days a court of law and a jury of my peers will let every person in Missouri know the truth and prove my innocence", Greitens told journalists gathered in his office Wednesday before the report was set to be released.

Greitens' spokesman, Parker Briden, told The Associated Press by email that the governor's administration has been "operating as normal".

Nonetheless as quickly as in his basement, Greitens taped her arms to pull-up rings, blindfolded her, started kissing her, ripped open the shirt and pulled down her trousers, the lady testified. Then, she said, he spit water into her mouth.

She also testified that she met with Greitens again in May 2015, when she had consensual oral sex with him.

The woman said she didn't permit him to touch her, and added she heard a click and saw a flash while she was tied up.

Over many hours, the woman told the panel under oath that the governor had slapped her a few times, and had coerced her sexually.

The woman said under oath that the governor staged and took a photo of her bound and blindfolded, and then threatened to release the photo, were she to disclose their encounter. When pressed by lawmakers, the woman said she felt like she could not leave the house without performing the act, as if she "had no other choice". A month later, she said Greitens paused while they were kissing and asked her if she had "slept" with anyone since they had started being intimate.

She also claimed that Greitens hit her at least three times. In the end, she explained, she didn't want him to see her "as just a whore".

It "actually harm, and I do know that I actually was really scared and sad when that occurred", she talked about.