Spotify and Hulu join forces with $12.99 subscription plan

  • Spotify and Hulu join forces with $12.99 subscription plan

Spotify and Hulu join forces with $12.99 subscription plan

Subscribers who pay $9.99 a month get on-demand playback for every song in Spotify's library as well as ad-free listening, two perks that aren't available for those who are listening through free accounts.

If you don't have Hulu now you can even get Hulu for 3 months at a cost of just an extra $.99 on top of your current Spotify monthly payment.

The companies said they plan to make the offer available to consumers who don't now subscribe to Spotify later this summer. This summer, Spotify and Hulu will open up the new package to anyone who wants it, according to CNET. Streaming has totally taken over the way we listen to music, but the monthly fee for services like Spotify can still burn a little.

The deal bundles the $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription and the standard $7.99 Hulu with Limited Commercials tier, for a $5 saving.

Spotify users interested in the Spotify, Hulu bundle can go to the bundle page on Spotify. If your service went inactive anytime in the past year, you've gotta jump right to the $12.99 subscription, which is still a pretty good deal. This new subscription also puts both on the same bill. Hulu, meanwhile, has become a destination for television with 75,000 current and classic series, including Roseanne, This Is Us and ER, as well as originals such as The Handmaid's Tale and The Looming Tower. The hope is the low price will lure people in, then they'll become too addicted to cancel. Now, they're offering a version of that to everyone. But clearly these margins are much slimmer than the traditional packages offered by the streaming providers.

The company has partnered with Hulu to launch a subscription for $12.99 a month to offer users both services.

If the price changes in the future, we'll notify you first.

'This is just one example of how we can add value to our premium members day after day'.