What will Sri Reddy do now?

  • What will Sri Reddy do now?

What will Sri Reddy do now?

"But I'll continue to fight", Sri Reddy says, defiantly. I spoke to Sri Reddy and had told her that we are there for her if she faced any issue. And she has also promised that she will increase her protest if things don't change soon.

We will have to wait and see what response she will be getting for this. And I did not recognize her (Sri Reddy) from any film.

She reportedly stripped in front of the office to bring attention to the dearth of roles for women in the Telugu industry and the vicious circle of sexual exploitation that they are pushed into. She even got Jallikattu involved.

"My owner called me and told to vacate my house, what a great people.he is working as an ias.such a narrow minded people.U dnt even imagine how rude talking.Big people game started [sic]", Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook page. She has already been denied membership at the Movie Artistes Association and now the actress has posted, she has been asked by her owner to vacate the premises and it's because of her protest. Sri Reddy has alleged that casting couch is rampant in the Telugu film industry. I am fighting against the discrimination and exploitation in the industry', she said.

Sri Reddy has vowed not to back off from the protest even it means continuing her fight alone.

Caught on the wrong foot, MAA explained that they were open to "listen to women and their grievances" and had indeed solved many issues in the past.

Telugu actor Banerjee blamed Sri Reddy for her membership being denied.

"We are in talks with our lawyers regarding the legal procedure and the committee will be set up". It has also asked other actors and directors not to collaborate with her.

"All I have been saying from day one, is that women feel unsafe in the film industry, local talent is being ignored and actresses are being sexually harassed". While Tollywood chose to not give her a Movie Artist Association (MAA) membership, her landlord asked her to vacate the house.

In a press conference held yesterday in Hyderabad, MAA president Sivaji Raja rubbished the allegations by Sri Reddy.