Trump honors national champion Alabama during White House visit

  • Trump honors national champion Alabama during White House visit

Trump honors national champion Alabama during White House visit

You could sell that secret and make a lot of money, you know that.

"I was watching, and I said 'coach, not looking too good, '" Trump said.

While Saban is certainly becoming a regular at the historic residence, this is the team's first visit since President Trump took office previous year. We're glad we've got guys that can go for the first time and experience it the way that we did when we were young.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban poses next to the NCAA college football championship trophy at a press conference in Atlanta, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018.

President Trump complimented "the process", called the 2018 CFP Championship Game one of the greatest finishes in all of sports, predicted a sixth championship under Coach Saban for the Tide, and after the ceremony, prayed with the players.

"I'm excited. It's a big honor".

"We are doing that to a lot of people", Mr. Trump quipped.

The president remarked that Alabama's players were going to be "very rich" as he took to the podium and noted that he was at the game when talking about Alabama's comeback from a second-half deficit. It will be on the website, along with the White House page on YouTube.

At the White House, Saban reflected on a season that included the ultimate high of the national title, but also a dramatic low when the Crimson Tide lost the Iron Bowl - and SEC West title - to Auburn during the final week of the regular season.

"I won't be going because I've got a grandma's funeral that I'll be going to", Lewis said.

When asked if any players Alabama planned not to go to the White House, Harris said "everybody" would be going. Despite his political stance, Harris said he's looking forward to making the trip. "But I really do wish I could go because ... my personal preference was that I wanted to go because I've been in that city for a long time and never been to the White House".

"It is definitely an honor and we have to think of it as we're not going for whatever the political problems are or the president, it's mainly for the honor of being at the White House", Lewis said.