Fire forces dance students, instructors to jump from balcony

  • Fire forces dance students, instructors to jump from balcony

Fire forces dance students, instructors to jump from balcony

The incident took place on Monday evening. But when the smell didn't go away, their dance instructor made a decision to check it out. However, the entire building was quickly consumed by the flames which tore through not only the dance studio, but also a restaurant, health spa and vehicle wash, Edgewater Mayor Michael McPartland told reporters at the scene.

Smoke was so intense, people in Manhattan could see it.

"My teacher was like, 'We've got to get out", Twomey said.

The horrific scene unfolded in Edgewater, N.J., as rescuers tried to lift ladders to the balcony and the girls tried to lower themselves to safety. "We ran as fast as we could".

The children can be seen throwing clothing and backpacks from the balcony as adults below race to get ladders in position and help them down.

The ladders were too short to reach the balcony and kept falling over, so Twomey said she chose to jump down.

"The flames were nearly touching me", she added. "I just let go".

Student Samera Lee, 14, tells News 12 New Jersey that she was taking a singing class when the fire started. Five of them needed hospitalization, but the injuries were minor. "I did what I had to do", he said.

"I'm really grateful for the people who came over to help", said Twomey. He immediately started asking if there was anyone still inside. "The girls were trapped on the second floor and they escaped due to the bravery of these two guys".

The girls were banging on the window with a small object, trying to break it, but they couldn't, Nehmi said.

Many passers-by and strangers were seen trying to help but it was quite hard as the ladder wasn't able to reach there.

Once he got the girls on the roof, they were barefoot and shivering from the cold, and he tried to comfort them while simultaneously thinking about their next escape route.

By contrast, Nina Twomey said that Nehmi's and other good samaritans' swift action made a world of difference. "I only had a couple of seconds to save them, there was no time". "Great job by multiple fire departments".