Cosby attorneys to lay out comedian's sex-assault defence case

  • Cosby attorneys to lay out comedian's sex-assault defence case

Cosby attorneys to lay out comedian's sex-assault defence case

That trial, also at the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, ended with a hung jury.

Mr. Mesereau said that the defense had evidence that Ms. Constand had unpaid bills during her time at Temple, was struggling at her job and that they would produce emails showing she was running a "pyramid scheme" at the university.

He was in his mid-60s.

"[Constand] attached all of her hopes on Cosby", Mesereau told the jury. Thomas said her next memory was waking up with Cosby forcing himself on her.

He is best known for successfully defending Michael Jackson in his 2005 child molestation case and also has represented boxing star Mike Tyson and actor Robert Blake. "He was lonely and she kept coming to see him".

This week, as Bill Cosby entered Montgomery County Courthouse in Pennsylvania, one of those protesters caught the public's attention when she was arrested for disorderly conduct after jumping the barricade while topless.

Psychiatrist Barbara Ziv was the first witness to testify at Cosby's retrial Tuesday.

Stuart Slotnick, a criminal defense attorney at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney in Philadelphia, said observers shouldn't underestimate the cultural climate during this case.

Mesereau called the $3.4 million settlement that Cosby ended up paying Constand a paltry sum for the comedian.

The prosecution is likely to try to plant an idea in the heads of jurors: Why would Cosby pay Constand if he weren't guilty?

The picture painted of Constand by the prosecution and defense couldn't be more different.

On an evening in 2004, Constand visited Cosby's home to discuss her career, she testified.

Mesereau is a highly prepared, confident and sometimes unorthodox attorney, said his friend Laurie Levenson, a professor at the law school at Loyola Marymount University.

Steele made the bombshell revelation in his opening statements against The Cosby Show star, and alleged that the amount proved Bill had something to hide after years of sexual misconduct.

She said she flew to Reno, Nevada, to meet Cosby, who was then appearing at Harrah's casino. Since 2014, more than 60 women have come forward to accuse the 80-year-old of sexual assault - with five expected to testify during the retrial. She and Cosby settled a civil lawsuit in 2006.

But those efforts went nowhere, Mesereau said, and Constand left Temple, returning to Canada broke and unemployed.

"I would challenge you to find one victim of sexual assault who is not humiliated by the fact they were sexually assaulted, who does not blame themselves in some way, and who is not deeply ashamed of it", she said. The fallen comedian cracked a grin during his trial a year ago, as his accuser walked jurors step-by-step through her memory of Cosby groping her breasts and shoving his fingers inside her. To hammer home that point, Mesereau - a flamboyant courtroom figure with startling white, almost shoulder-length white hair who is based in Los Angeles - offered a beginner's course on Hollywood to his suburban, East Coast audience in the jury box. Mesereau said that "Hollywood is a treacherous place" where lots of "young men and handsome women scramble to find success but often fail". Because there's something that you want.

Mesereau, who talked casually to the jury about his famous client, painted Cosby as an elderly man who pulled himself up by the bootstraps and out of the projects of Philadelphia to become a star, a guy who simply used bad judgment when he engaged in a consensual relationship with the much-younger Constand.

"This is about one thing only", Ms. Troiani said.

The case has besmirched the legacy of the actor adored by millions as "America's Dad" for his role as lovable father and obstetrician Cliff Huxtable on the hit 1984-92 television series "The Cosby Show".

"She knew exactly what she was doing", Mesereau said.

"She's now a multi-millionaire because she pulled it off".