Cruel joke on Dalits: BJP slams Congress's protest against the Centre

  • Cruel joke on Dalits: BJP slams Congress's protest against the Centre

Cruel joke on Dalits: BJP slams Congress's protest against the Centre

The statements of BJP's Dalit MPs - Udit Raj, Savitri Bai Phule, Chhote Lal Kharwar, Ashok Kumar Dohre and Yashwant Singh have punctured the government's tall claims, he said. The party's senior leaders were virtually ostracised from the prevalent political scenario.

Quoting a BJP MP who attended the meeting, the report said that Modi has asked BJP MPs to "spend two nights in villages" between 14 April (the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar) and 5 May and celebrate Ambedkar's birthday in a "big way".

The party's general secretary in charge of the organisation, Ashok Gehlot, later issued a statement saying the violence during the Bharat Bandh on April 2 was risky for the social fabric of the country as the BJP-ruled states and the Centre "did nothing" to stop the carnage. It is not because we made a mistake.

PM Narendra Modi further expressed pride that the BJP has the most Dalit, Tribal and OBC representatives in India, both in Parliament and in the various state assemblies. The Congress and some regional parties have had a pretty decent run in terms of setting the narrative against the Modi Administration, aided by Government bloopers and some of its grandiose promises that haven't come to much, in recent months.

Modi has spoken about his vision of a "new India' that will provide all families a home and which will be without casteism and communalism".

"In the era of social media and communication, if we remain inactive, those anti-national, anti-social, selfish, wrong-doers will occupy that space".

This is nothing but "vote bank", appeasement, pleasing politics of Modi and Amit Shah-led BJP.

"Modi's stoic silence on the concerns of the Dalits shows that the Bharatiya Janata Party and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh are working towards "Dalit-mukt Bharat" and Modi is enjoying the anguish and pain of the SCs/STs", the Congress leader said. To save themselves, he said, using a near-Biblical analogy though whether he was hinting at the Modi deluge or the Opposition's version of Noah's Ark is a matter of interpretation, rats, cats, dogs, snakes, mongoose, tigers and cheetahs who are adversaries in their natural habitat all end up clinging to the branches of the said tree to save themselves a thorough drenching or worse. Sometimes, it also takes a violent turn. He interacted with workers of five Lok Sabha constituencies and all 734 district presidents of the party via video conference.

Having won just 2 seats in 1984 Lok Sabha elections, BJP has its hold over 282 seats after 2014 general elections today, thus redefining political definitions by rising to power at the centre.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.