I "probably" won't attend White House Correspondent's Dinner

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I "probably" won't attend White House Correspondent's Dinner

Trump, who had previously attended the dinner before becoming president, in an interview with NY radio station 77 WABC aired on Friday said he probably would not be attending this year's event despite pledging to "absolutely" attend after skipping out it last year.

Calling the media "so bad" and "so fake", he said: "I want to get it straightened out with the press before I do it". I mean, "sources say" and they have no sources. "So it's probably unlikely I'll do it". "You know, 'nine sources in the White House have said.' There are no nine sources", he said. His reason, which was the same as a year ago, was animosity toward the media.

But offering an indication that he's not completely unwilling to go along with social traditions, Trump did attend this year's Gridiron dinner, a far smaller gathering of a club made up of top Washington journalists. Just hours after the WHCA announced the president's decision, he tweeted, "Do people really believe this stuff?"

Last year, Trump became the first president not to take part in the dinner since 1981, when then-President Ronald Reagan was recovering at Camp David from an assassination attempt and gave his address by telephone.

The president, a well-known critic of mainstream media, has recently intensified his attacks on news outlets like The Washington Post.

Though notoriously thin-skinned, Mr Trump has subjected himself to ribbing before, including New York's Al Smith dinner during the 2016 campaign. Obama was born in Hawaii.

Both Obama and that year's host, Seth Meyers, tore into Trump with a series of scathing jokes from the dais.

President Donald Trump will refuse to participate in the annual event, making this the second time he does so.

A ston-faced Trump offered no reaction. Sanders faces the media in most of the daily briefings at the White House. "I'm very excited to come here and ruin your evening in person".