Man was holding welding tool when fatally shot by cops

  • Man was holding welding tool when fatally shot by cops

Man was holding welding tool when fatally shot by cops

They said the deceased man was holding an object when killed, but investigators did not immediately find any guns at the scene, according to the New York Times. It was only after the shooting that they found Mr. Vassell was carrying a metal pipe, not a gun.

"There's a guy walking around the street, he looks like he's insane, but he's pointing something at people that looks like a gun and he's like popping it, as if, like if he's pulling the trigger", another caller said.

Maki Haberfeld, Director of Police Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, says there is no formal policy requiring officers to announce themselves, or order a suspect to drop a weapon, before opening fire.

After the shooting occurred a crowd started to gather.

"We're left wondering what's changed as NYPD officers have once again killed an innocent New Yorker struggling with mental health issues", Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said in a statement.

On a Facebook event page for Thursday night's NYC Shut It Down rally, someone shared a link about "What to do instead of calling the police", a guide in response to the fact that 911 calls were made concerning Vassell. "He was well-loved, he was not homeless, he was a good man".

But Mayor Bill De Blasio didn't lay blame on the officers, who were not from the local precinct and were passing through at the time.

Community members have responded with a growing memorial for Vassell, some saying that the circumstances don't justify the outcome.

So far, the NYPD has not said whether the officers who fired the fatal shots warned Vassell first. The new neighborhood called the police.

A crowd formed at the scene, just outside a barrier of blue tape, where citizens began shouting at police and pointing out the officer some believed to be responsible, expressing anger in Brooklyn and drawing nationwide attention as the latest police killing of an unarmed black man.

Schneiderman said Thursday that his office is committed to "an independent, comprehensive and fair investigation".

Vassell's death comes amid a resurgence of questions about law enforcement's unequal treatment of people of color following another police shooting recently in Sacramento, California.

More than 200 demonstrators and activists took to the streets of the Crown Heights neighborhood in which Vassell was shot, chanting "Justice for Saheed".

When the officers arrived, police said, Vassell took a two-handed shooting stance and pointed an object at them.

Police officers in New York City fatally shot a black man who was pointing what appeared to be a gun at them on Wednesday, police said.

NYPD Chief Charles Scholl was confronted by angry crowds after a mentally disturbed man was killed by police officers.

It says police had encountered the man before and classified him as emotionally disturbed.