BJP chief Amit Shah equates opposition parties to snakes, dogs and cats

  • BJP chief Amit Shah equates opposition parties to snakes, dogs and cats

BJP chief Amit Shah equates opposition parties to snakes, dogs and cats

"You would have seen that the opposition (to Modi government) is becoming more intense and angrier". His comments came in the wake of recent violent protest during Bharat Bandh against dilution of stringent provisions of anti-atrocities Act, which left 11 dead. "So it is our national duty not to cede this space to them", he said.

Modi gave a clarion call to the BJP Karyakartas to keep working for the nation and never get agitated by negativity of vested interest groups. Prime Minister Modi will interact with the party workers from New Delhi, North East Delhi, North Central Mumbai, Hamirpur and Saran constituency. The party's senior leaders were virtually ostracised from prevalent political scenario. "Infact, if there is one party that has consistently been a victim of political untouchability, it is the BJP". "The BJP was scared and shaken off the Opposition parties, including the NDA partners, who were joining the Opposition ranks after the realization of the deceit and hollowness of BJPs promises as in the case of AP", he said, adding that the BJP and NDA were hushing up the corruption in their ranks and particularly the criminal acts of the BJP president Amit Shah and his son. He urged BJP Karyakartas to regularly use the various Government sites and the "Narendra Modi App" for latest news about the work of the Government.

Hitting back at rivals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said their opposition to him is turning "increasingly violent" due to the fact that people born in backward castes are in the country's top positions and also attributed their discomfort to BJP's rising strength. "It is truly democratic and an only democratic political party can effectively serve a democratic nation", said the Prime Minister.

Speaking on the growth of the BJP since it was founded in 1980 by leaders of erstwhile Jana Sangh, which had merged with other opposition parties to form Janata Party in 1977 to challenge the then ruling Congress, the prime minister said it was the only party run democratically. He pointed, "The NDA family is getting Jeet after Jeet (victory after victory), which is forcing the other parties to spread Jhooth after Jhooth (lies after lies)". During the interaction, he will pay attention to the ideas of the party workers, and also discuss the schemes related to welfare of poor people.