3K Google Workers Sign Letter to CEO Over Pentagon Work

  • 3K Google Workers Sign Letter to CEO Over Pentagon Work

3K Google Workers Sign Letter to CEO Over Pentagon Work

While Apple helped pioneer digital voice assistants, Siri has continuously been criticised for its lack of progress and sophistication in comparison to other offerings on the market.

3,100 Google employees and dozens of senior engineers slammed the search giant's involvement in U.S military projects such as Project Maven. The news comes a day after Giannandrea stepped down from his role at Google, where he was heading Google's various AI projects such as A.I. lap and Google Brain.

Apple also past year added more capabilities to Siri behind the scenes, including the ability to securely share some user information between Apple devices that a user has signed into. Before joining Google in 2010, Giannandrea worked as the chief technology officer for Metaweb, a company which sought to build an "open, shared database of the world's knowledge".

Giannandrea's hiring is being widely viewed as a significant win for the iPad maker and demonstrates its intention to take on the likes of current AI leaders such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

"What I object to is this assumption that we will leap to some kind of superintelligent system that will then make humans obsolete", he said. "I just see no technological basis as to why this is imminent at all".

It is also expected that Apple will use Giannandrea's experience to improve its own facial recognition software for correctly tagging users' photos, and for turning Siri into a more able and intelligent smart home assistant - an area where Apple lags behind the competition.

Aside from running Apple's highly secretive A.I. and machine learning division, reports also said that John Giannandrea would be one of the 16 executives that directly report to Timothy Cook, Apple's chief executive. Apple's latest hire is a real doozie that sends a clear message that Siri will get it's act together because the SVP of Google Engineering behind the Google Assistant is now onboard.

According to arstechnica.com, Apple needs strong talent to improve its AI and ML efforts which lag behind its competitors like Amazon and Google. Apple relies on publicly-available data, which limits its AI push as compared to its rivals. Sometimes that data protection policy is at odds with developing AI, because AI training requires vast amounts of data.

Taking over the place of Giannandrea is veteran Jeff Dean, who is one of the most talented figures in Google AI team.