Table position for Ipswich Town in terms of the gender pay gap

  • Table position for Ipswich Town in terms of the gender pay gap

Table position for Ipswich Town in terms of the gender pay gap

The gap between what male and female workers earn based on average hourly earnings for all workers in the United Kingdom in 2017 was 17.4 percent, according to the Office of National Statistics.

One odd side effect of high skill women often working part-time is that the part-time wage gap actually leans in favour of women - but the official statistics for full-time workers show on average men earn 9.1% an hour more than women, with the gap starting very small for younger workers and growing as they age.

By contrast women employees of EI's fully managed Bermondsey pub chain are paid seven per cent less than men. Only 30 per cent of employers published an explanation of the causes of their pay gap, and Close the Gap said that many of these were "superficial in their analysis". The typical 20- to 29-year-old woman earns 81.8 cents on the dollar compared to her male counterparts, according to the PayScale report.

"In all other roles we ensure that staff carrying out equal work are paid equal salaries, dependent on experience and qualifications", he added. However, forward-looking employers with little or no gender pay gap can use this information to promote themselves as progressive and inclusive employers in order to attract and retain key talent, both male and female. Bonus payments are split equally between men and women, with 87 per cent of employees receiving them.

City of Lincoln Council paid men 18% more than women, government figures show.

The figures indicate 78% of firms pay men more than women on average, while 14% pay women more.

It is important to recognise exactly what the gender pay gap means.

The three states with the greatest gender pay gaps are: Louisiana, where women earn 7.4% less than male colleagues; Alabama, where females make 7.1% less than male colleagues; and West Virginia, where women make 6.5% less.

At the same time, by accelerating female representation at the highest levels of industry, you improve equality across the board.

Want to find out the gender pay gap at your company?

The gender pay gap is not the same as having unequal pay, which would be against the law.

Following the public consultation process a year ago, Minister Stanton confirmed that the Government will bring forward amendments to the Private Members Bill initiated by Senator Ivana Bacik, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill 2017.

The Government has introduced a tool to search for companies and reveal the differences in pay between men and women.

"Everyone in the CAA contributes to regulation and protecting the public, however we have many more men than women in senior roles and by contrast many more women than men in junior roles", it said.

Mark Evans, acting director of resources, said Powys Council was "committed" to closing the gap and acknowledged there was more to be done.