Original Civil Rights Movement Member Shares Memories of MLK

  • Original Civil Rights Movement Member Shares Memories of MLK

Original Civil Rights Movement Member Shares Memories of MLK

- On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., commemorative events are happening across Georgia Wednesday and throughout his hometown of Atlanta. Doves soared, and people sang a few lines of "We Shall Overcome", a gospel hymn that became a key song of the civil-rights movement and was sung at King's funeral.

But, he added, his father would want the United States to create a culture of nonviolence. He lived and died in a nonviolent way. "Dr. King wanted the same thing that all Americans want and we did it through peaceful demonstration, teaching us to love our enemies", the 74-year-old grandmother said. Wednesday's event was titled "50 Voices for 50 Years", with more than 50 people reading 50 of King's statements. That was very touching for me because that's what I needed that day. That's unacceptable. We must do better.

His wife, Andrea, said the civil rights leader would have been "so charged" by all of the movements that are underway, including the teen-led protests against gun violence and the "Me Too" movement.

"I remember being extraordinary depressed and angry", said Bill English, a civil rights advocate.

Given Idlewild's history during the 1968 Sanitation Strike, this made for the ideal backdrop fro a day dedicated to Dr. King's legacy.

Sandra Magnavito says, "He started a movement that we hope will continue in terms of his legacy never dying even with his monument and museum in Washington D.C., that's thousands of miles away".

"It's surprising and kind of overwhelming", said 17-year-old Charmaine Washington.

"I can't say accurately that I consciously knew, but I would say subconsciously there were concerns certainly", King told CNN. "And my principal walked in and said, "Charles, come go with me".