THUNDEROBOT unveils 911S and 911 Air Gaming Laptops with Intel Coffee Lake

  • THUNDEROBOT unveils 911S and 911 Air Gaming Laptops with Intel Coffee Lake

THUNDEROBOT unveils 911S and 911 Air Gaming Laptops with Intel Coffee Lake

Intel has taken the wraps of its first ever Core i9 (Coffee Lake) processor for laptops at a global event in Beijing, China. Each subsequent generation has become increasingly powerful and quite competitive with Intel's notebook chips.

The past eighth generation chips were a piece of the U-Series of Intel's processor while the recently reported i9, i7, and i5 Coffee Lake chips are the organization's H-arrangement lineup.

But, performance goes beyond gaming.

Along with the new Coffee Lake chips, Intel is also preparing Optane memories for compatibility with the new laptop and desktop processors.

The new generation of processors is based on Intel's 14 nanometer Coffee Lake architectures and has integrated Wi-Fi technologies enabling connections twice as fast as the current standard, according to a statement.

This translates to a turbo frequency of up to 4.8 GHz, compared to 3.9 GHz for the Core i7 7th Gen processor. With a new MacBook Pro likely to arrive in 2018, the new Intel processor news is worth noting.

The Core i9-8950HK comes with a base clock speed of 2.9GHz, but it's also fully unlocked, meaning that overclocking should be much easier than it was with some previous Intel processors.

What do you think of the new Intel Core i9 CPU for laptops? The low-power 8-gen Core chips feature 4-core, 8-thread configuration and it will support Optane memory technology in the mobile configuration.

In conjunction with the launch of these two new gaming laptops, THUNDEROBOT will also be refreshing the DINO, 911GT and ST Plus with the Core i7-8750H processor, faster WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0.

Chip maker Intel has unveiled for the first time Intel Core i9 processor for laptops. In addition, the new highest-performance 8th Gen Intel Core mobile processors' single- and multi-threaded performance allows users to enjoy the smoothest and highest-quality mobile VR and new Windows* Mixed Reality Ultra experiences. Intel said this storage hardware can open large media files 1.7 times faster than before. The new U-series also integrates updated Iris Plus graphics.

Speaking of labels, if you see a "Core i5+" or "Core i7+" on your next computer, you should know it's not a new kind of chip - it's merely marketing shorthand to indicate those PCs include an Intel Optane memory module to make their sluggish hard drives feel faster.