Disney To Launch $5 Monthly ESPN+ Streaming Service On April 12

  • Disney To Launch $5 Monthly ESPN+ Streaming Service On April 12

Disney To Launch $5 Monthly ESPN+ Streaming Service On April 12

Disney announced Monday that ESPN+, the network's direct-to-consumer streaming service, is launching on April 12th - priced at $4.99 per month - and sources have confirmed it will be available on Apple TV. The monthly cost will be $4.99, and it will be viewable on ESPN.com and within an entirely new ESPN app, presumably available across mobile and other streaming devices.

Still, those who hope the ESPN streaming service will offer high-profile National Football League games or National Basketball Association conference finals may be disappointed.

For an additional $25 per month, ESPN+ subscribers can also purchase the full MLB.TV out-of-market package. As I mentioned earlier this year, ESPN+ will essentially carry filler content that didn't make the cut on the main ESPN channels. College sports will be shown live in addition, spanning everything from golf through gymnastics, swimming and diving, wrestling, and soccer. The new OTT service will include live games.

In addition to the major domestic pro sports leagues in the U.S., ESPN+ will air thousands of college sporting events (primarily from smaller conferences), PGA Tour golf, hundreds of matches from three of the Grand Slam tennis tournament (all except the French Open) and scores of worldwide sports such as rugby and cricket.

COLLEGE BASEBALL & SOFTBALL: ESPN+ will help college baseball and softball fans see more games than ever before, with hundreds more games from across the college ranks streamed live, exclusively on ESPN+. Grand Slam Tennis will include hundreds of matches from Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

You can learn more about the new ESPN+ platform here.

The introduction of ESPN+ comes as the network struggles with the cord-cutting movement and keeping up with the trends.

The service is widely viewed as a glimpse into parent Walt Disney Company's move into direct to consumer streaming, with Disney's own entertainment streaming service slated for 2019.

ESPN+ will be an integrated part of a completely redesigned and reimagined ESPN App that will be the premier all-in-one digital sports platform for fans.