Making it easier to find and share GIFs with Google

  • Making it easier to find and share GIFs with Google

Making it easier to find and share GIFs with Google

In February 2017, mobile devices accounted for almost half (49.7 percent) of all webpage views, and mobile users are also regularly interacting with content: The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that 63 percent of smartphone users around the world turn to their phones at least every 30 minutes.

Google search is finally getting the mobile-first indexing feature after over a year of testing, and a limited rollout in December. Google says that the way people use the Google Images has changed a lot. But as the web evolved and mobile devices changed the way people search, the way people use Google Images has changed too. I suspect once we see one in the wild, a bunch more will stop popping up like insane. That means, it will index and rank the mobile web pages for the web but not the desktop version.

The company said in a blog post on Tuesday that it's purchasing Tenor for an undisclosed amount and plans to integrate GIFs into Google Images and Gboard, the company's virtual keyboard.

There are now more searches being done through mobile devices than desktop PCs, prompting the move to mobile first indexing. So not all sites but only sites that are ready for switching over to the mobile-first indexing process. Is this something you'd like to see in mobile search in the future?

Today I want to talk to you about Mobile First.

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Mobile-indexing is rolling out more broadly. Google first announced it around 2016, and they had a big presentation about it previous year at Pubcon. In stead, mobile search results are presented in clusters with a "load more" button at the bottom of each section. Being indexed this way has no ranking advantage and operates independently from our mobile-friendly assessment. Since 2015, this measure can help mobile-friendly content perform better for those who are searching on mobile. Google notes that they've done this due to the desktop and mobile versions of pages often having "vastly different" content. Eventually, and it's already started to happen in a limited way, Google will crawl your mobile offering first and consider it your main site.

However, Google has begun to prioritize mobile sites in several ways. In 2017, Tenor launched the first branded GIF program, which saw MNCs like Dunkin Donuts, Nissan, AT&T, and Wendy's joining in on to connect authentically with mobile audiences.