Trump Aide Spoke During Campaign to Associate Tied to Russian Intelligence

  • Trump Aide Spoke During Campaign to Associate Tied to Russian Intelligence

Trump Aide Spoke During Campaign to Associate Tied to Russian Intelligence

Zwaan previously pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with Gates during work for the pro-Russian government of Ukraine, which was ousted in 2014.

"That Gates and Person A were directly communicating in September and October 2016 was pertinent to the investigation", the special counsel argued in its sentencing memo.

Mr. van der Zwaan was an attorney at a firm that worked with Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates to prepare a report used to defend Viktor F. Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president, from global criticism over the prosecution and incarceration of one of his political rivals. The firm later agreed to cooperate in the Mueller probe. Despite the fact that Gates and Manafort knew that this business associate had ties to the Kremlin, they still chose to form a working relationship with the associate during October of 2016, mere weeks before the election.

Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates allegedly was in contact with someone tied to Russian intelligence in 2016.


The new van der Zwaan filing doesn't shed a whole bunch of new light on that, but it does suggest that Mueller views Kilimnik as a possible link between the Trump campaign and Russia, and believes Kilimnik hasn't been forthcoming about his ties to Russian intelligence. According to the sentencing motion filed Tuesday, van der Zwaan's lies "were material" to the special counsel's investigation, and directly involved communications with Gates and "Person A", a former GRU officer.

What's particularly significant in the Mueller filing, though, are six words: "and had such ties in 2016".

Why would he do that, when the connection to Person A had been known for months?He's identified as Person A in the new filing, but as Aaron Blake notes, it's widely assumed to be a Ukrainian aide to Gates and Manafort named Konstantin Kilimnik.

Documents filed by special counsel prosecutors reveal that former Trump deputy campaign chairman Richard Gates was knowingly working with an individual with ties to Russian intelligence during the campaign, CBS News Paula Reid reports.

That Person A has had ties to Russian intelligence is not terribly surprising.

Unique advice Robert Mueller has actually attached an ex-Trump project authorities to a Russian operative in the weeks preceeding the 2016 governmental political election, inning accordance with a brand-new record Tuesday evening.

The Mueller probe revealed that Manafort had Russian intelligence ties a year ago (paywall), but the facts that Gates knew the same person-and remained in contact with him after Manafort's firing-had not previously been disclosed. "He thereafter deliberately and repeatedly lied", as well as "withheld and otherwise destroyed documents requested by the Special Counsel's Office through his counsel relating to his work with Manafort, Gates, and Person A" including a September 12, 2016, email "that the government had obtained through other means".

Van Der Zwaan admitted to one charge of lying to investigators about his interaction with Gates. But Gates remained aboard through the campaign and transition.