Facebook allows you to see what data its collected about you

  • Facebook allows you to see what data its collected about you

Facebook allows you to see what data its collected about you

Having yet to right its ship in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica controversy, Facebook could have another privacy mess on its hands.

Since the news of Facebook/Cambridge Analytica trust compromise came to public notice, CEO and founder of the social media platform, Mark Zuckerberg, has been doing everything possible to redeem himself and his billion-dollar company from the mess, especially as more and more people begin to cast doubt on Facebook's adherence to common privacy protection rule. -European privacy accord, "or that engage in unfair acts that cause substantial injury to consumers in violation" of USA consumer protections.

Facebook, in a "fact check", confirmed that it is indeed logging call and text data "for people using Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android", provided they have chose to "opt-in".

Germany's justice minister says she wants closer oversight of companies such as Facebook, following a meeting with executives about the abuse of users' private data.

This follows reports that the profiles of 50 million Facebook users were misused by the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which had ties to Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

"We're also investigating every single app that had access to large amounts of data before we fixed this".

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which data from over 50 million Facebook profiles was secretly scraped and mined for voter insights, many Facebook users have chose to delete their accounts - but untangling yourself from a site like Facebook is not as easy as pressing "delete". The price of Facebook stock fell significantly following the announcement.

In January, Zuckerberg set fixing Facebook as his personal challenge for 2018. According to CNN, the FTC has launched a "non-public investigation" in an effort to learn more about their current privacy practices.

Facebook said in a statement on Monday that the company remains "strongly committed" to protecting people's information and that it welcomes the opportunity to answer the FTC's questions.

Facebook's consumer ranking has taken a huge hit since the data scandal.

The investigation is broader than looking into whether Facebook violated a 2011 consent order it reached with the FTC over its privacy practices, a person briefed on the matter told Reuters. The fact is, European regulators are already forcing him to do so.