'Sea Of Thieves' Patch For Xbox One X Performance Issues Announced

  • 'Sea Of Thieves' Patch For Xbox One X Performance Issues Announced

'Sea Of Thieves' Patch For Xbox One X Performance Issues Announced

Other Sea of Thieves-related products include the Seagate Special Edition 2TB Game Drive, the Xbox Wireless Controller - Sea of Thieves Limited Edition (more details about them can be found on this page), the "Tales from the Sea of Thieves" lore book, and more.

What: Sea of Thieves on Xbox One or PC. You will have to strike out on your own and track down and capture the required number and type of pigs in order to complete the voyage. The players have already been griefed heavily with how the spawn system works.

The majority of the gameplay is essentially a hugely enjoyable pirate sim, with each member of the crew taking on a different role, from adjusting the sails to catching the bite of the wind to stocking up on cannonballs and bananas (the game's health kit). But if the magical experience is all too often becalmed when it relies on the kindness of strangers, it hits the rocks as a single-player experience with ship encounters and the latter-stage voyages resulting in vexing visits to Davy Jones's Locker.

Landlubbers, it's time to get your feet wet.

Sailing alone is an option, but it's not much fun and we would strongly recommend that you recruit a crew. With more secrets than your great aunt Agnes who ran off with the vicar, insane combos are the name of the game, with the one-screen party element a playful touch. Voyages are a big part of that adventure. Head down to the comments section and let us know!

The whole point of Sea of Thieves is to go out on grand adventures. If you got the wrong one, you'll need to kill it with your sword!

Then there are other players. It's clearly a conscious decision - Rare wants you to focus on the rewards of working with your crew, and the player stories that develop therein, rather than on the progress of your own character - but it can make pushing further into its piratical setting less appealing unless you've got a crew of mates to do it with. Like when you discover that you can drop anchor at a certain speed and pull off a maritime handbrake turn (perfect for getting the drop on a crew attempting to steal your booty), or how being sick inside a bucket can be used as a weapon.

Exploration is a cornerstone of the Sea of Thieves experience.

First impressions of Sea Of Thieves are good, There is not a great deal of depth apparent on first glance, however there are also plenty of depths to explore, and assumingly content to be unlocked as reputation and time builds.