WhatsApp now lets you delete a message for an hour

  • WhatsApp now lets you delete a message for an hour

WhatsApp now lets you delete a message for an hour

The popular mobile messaging platform actually already offers the erase function for a limited time, but a new update will extend this window to around an hour.

The chat app has apparently changed the algorithm now.

It is a victory for all WhatsApp users that are respecting the rules. WhatsApp has likely recognised the potential for abuse in this tech and is trying to prevent it.

Well a switch up with this feature is about to make our lives a lot better. Well, WhatsApp allows you to mute them completely. Most of us still don't utilise them completely and restrict ourselves to use it just as a messaging application. The feature called "delete for everyone" was rolled out gradually. This feature can be found in the attachment menu in the chat window, alongside Video, Gallery and Documents.

We have seen that the extended time for deleting messages working on Android beta, but not on the iOS version of WhatsApp.

To delete a message, open WhatsApp and go to the chat containing the message you want to delete. Well, WhatsApp allows you to mark a message as unread.

You can also read messages without blue ticks by putting your phone into Aeroplane mode. But you just have to keep in mind to close the app before disabling the Aeroplane mode. They took to twitter to announce this new feature. The friend you share your location with will have access to your location. You can find out the embedded live tweet from here.

WhatsApp's competitor Telegram gives users 48 hours to delete a message and save themselves from any embarrassment before anyone sees their message.

It seems there are a few modded and unofficial versions of WhatsApp floating around which allow people to get rid of a text even if it was 3 years old. Notably, the two browser version of the app will work only if your smartphone remains switched on and near the computer. You also have an authentication PIN.