Nikolas Cruz Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty

  • Nikolas Cruz Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty

Nikolas Cruz Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty

Prosecutors in the case listed several aggravating factors that they say contributed to the decision to seek the death penalty, including that Mr Cruz "knowingly created a great risk of death to many persons".

George Brauchler, the district attorney who led the Aurora prosecution, said choosing to pursue a death sentence was a hard choice, one that he said prompted impassioned arguments from relatives of Aurora victims who were in favor of seeking death as well as those pushing for a life sentence.

Broward's public defender says Cruz will not contest guilt, but will instead focus on persuading a future jury to spare his life.

The only other penalty option for Cruz is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for suspected Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz. The announcement doesn't negate the ability for a plea deal to be reached. His attorneys have said he is willing to plead guilty if they take the death penalty off the table.

The Parkland massacre has sparked a wave of student activism, renewed political tension over gun control and even forced the normally pro-firearm friendly Florida Legislature to pass a law tightening access to the weapons. Anthony Borges, 15, was shot five times. The commission, a special panel that meets every 20 years, has the power to ask voters to approve changes to the state's constitution.

Broward Health spokeswoman Jennifer Smith said Tuesday that Anthony Borges' condition has now been upgraded to fair.

Nikolas Cruz is a former student at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Borges' family has filed notice that they will sue Florida authorities to seek money to cover the cost of his recovery.