Larry Page's air taxis are already flying above New Zealand

  • Larry Page's air taxis are already flying above New Zealand

Larry Page's air taxis are already flying above New Zealand

In fact a company called Kitty Hawk has unveiled their next step in making that a reality by taking the wraps off Cora, a flying taxi which is basically a auto that can fly.

Right now, the VTOL can go 62 miles on a charge in the air while carrying two passengers, and Cora has passed its first public test with flying colors.

Anyone hoping to pick up their own autonomous flying taxi for personal use in the next few years will be disappointed. There has been some speculation about the origin of Zephyr because it lists its chief executive as Fred Reid, who had also been listed as president of Zee Aero.

It has been clear for several years that improvements in batteries, electric motors, and software would make it possible to build a vehicle like this.

It also has three independent flight-computers to ensure back up in the event of a failure.

According to the video, Cora can fly at speeds of 150 kmh (93 mph) and has a full range of 100 kilometers.

The Cora project envisages they will become so common that "air travel will be woven into our daily lives".

"You wouldn't have to know anything about flying a plane".

"Unlike a helicopter, Cora is remarkably quiet", Allison said. You'd think such a flying vehicle would require a pilot's license to operate, but that's not the case. Bonus points: The Kitty Hawk taxis will be autonomous. The country said it will embrace the company and welcomed it to continue tests.

"The dreamers from California met the visionaries from New Zealand", Kitty Hawk said in a press release that lauds New Zealand for having "a government and society with an eye to the horizon". "We were pitching something that sounded like science fiction".

Federal Aviation Administration rules would have made it hard to get a project like this off the ground in the United States.

In Cora's branding, Kitty Hawk ditched the phrase "flying car" and replaced it with "air taxi".

"This aircraft represents the evolution of the transport eco system to one that responds to a global challenge around traffic and congestion, and is kinder to the planet". Meanwhile, Google's Larry Page has been funding a company that will bypass all of that.

Kitty Hawk wants to reach consumers first by being able to trial its Cora planes first in a less congested area of the world.