CCTV footage shows moment man was shot inside courtroom

  • CCTV footage shows moment man was shot inside courtroom

CCTV footage shows moment man was shot inside courtroom

According to Fox News 13, on Friday, United States District Judge John E. Dowdell released the courtroom video, which shows defendant Siale Angilau grabbing a pen from the table and hurling himself at a witness.

The female US marshal, named only as Jane Doe, then fires four shots, killing Angilau. He is behind the witness stand. The other gang member was shackled, but managed to escape to the corner of the room as Angilau leaped into the witness box and fell to the floor.

"The video completely contradicts plaintiffs' argument that Angilau stopped posing a danger within less than one second of launching himself over the witness stand while making a stabbing motion with a pen in hand", NBC News affiliate KSL reported Dowdell wrote.

The footage taken in 2014 was released after a lawsuit brought by Angilau's family was dismissed.

He said the video shows that the marshal "panicked" and should have used other methods to subdue Angilau. "There was no necessity to use force", Sykes said.

He points out that Angilau was already down on the ground for the final three shots and that a courtroom full of officers could have stopped him to stop him before he harmed anyone with the pen. "They weren't entitled to use the death penalty on him for an assault".

He was the last defendant in the case to stand trial, with previous defendants being sentenced to between 10 and 30 years in prison.

Siale Angilau was standing trial in Salt Lake City, Utah, when he suddenly got up from his place at the defendant's bench and grabbed a pen. The Department of Justice had wanted to suppress the video for fear it would spark a wave of gang-related retaliation. Dowdell also ordered the release of the courtroom video, which had been the subject of a lengthy court battle involving media outlets, including Fox 13, over freedom of information and the First Amendment.

Faces of the judge, attorneys and jurors are blurred out to protect their identities.