Win tickets to Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time"

  • Win tickets to Disney's

Win tickets to Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time"

The events in L'Engle's book always felt capriciously random, in the manner of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (and still do, as verified by a re-reading in preparation for this film).

Meg finds her life turned upside-down when her prodigy-smart little brother introduces her and fellow classmate Calvin (Levi Miller from "Pan") to a trio of colorful astral travelers who heard the call and felt the pain of these children missing their father - who they learn was successful in his time-travel but who can't return home.

User Rating: Be the first one! But, even when the Mrs. tell Meg that they're going to help her search for her father, she's reluctant. She really values the creative process and the people that surround her that are helping craft her vision.

But with the help of supernatural entities, Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), Mrs.

The film furthers the modern trends of both diversity and the female empowerment self-love in popular entertainment while shedding a shining light on relevant topics such as bullying and even depression, especially for younger people in the context of school and family. Which (Winfrey), and suddenly they all tesseract their way to a verdant planet on the far side of the universe. It was so fun!

But there is also the power of love. We recently sat down with Reid and talked with her about her role and the film.

There might be a record amount of hugging in this movie. This makes what should be an exciting journey into a painfully boring - and long - lecture.

While the faults of this film decidedly do not make it stronger, maybe its well-meaning spirit will be enough to appeal to a new generation of Meg Murry fans. I loved movies like Labyrinth or The Neverending Story that took awkward, smart kids out of their normal lives and into unusual new universes with uncertain rules and surprising, colorful characters. Her reactions to the unusual people they meet and places they go are realistic. "She has a lovely vision and a attractive mind".

The story inevitably takes us into the "purely evil energy" of Camazotz, which transforms sweet, mind-reading Charles Wallace into a red-eyed demon variation of the brother Meg loves.

"A Wrinkle In Time" centered on a teenager named Meg Murry who magically discovers an intergalactic world where she meets guardian beings Mrs. One of my favorite lines in the film is when Mrs. The relationship between Meg and Charles Wallace is pitch-perfect, and serves as the emotional heart of the film. His drive for befriending Meg was a secret crush and a yearn for acceptance he was deprived of by his own father. I really thought she would just want to take it, but she didn't. That sounds harsh, but he could have been excluded and the story wouldn't have changed.

A Wrinkle in Time is bright and colorful, not only applying broad imagination to its settings and costumes, but also daring to extend that same concept to its diverse cast.

Dr. Murray said he wanted to travel the universe with his mind. I had just finished Frozen, and I got permission from animation. While he'd be at the top of my list for a new Children of the Corn or Pet Cemetery film, his youthful lack of enunciation made him challenging to understand only adding to my frustration. It was imaginative, colorful and had just the right sprinkle of science fiction. I never imagined she would actually say yes, though. If it doesn't always work, well, at least DuVernay went for it, and her version of "A Wrinkle in Time" is just as gorgeous and odd as can be expected.