Updating the Bills' draft picks following the Cordy Glenn trade

  • Updating the Bills' draft picks following the Cordy Glenn trade

Updating the Bills' draft picks following the Cordy Glenn trade

The Cincinnati Bengals have acquired top offensive tackle Cordy Glenn in a trade with the Buffalo Bills, reports Fox Sports. The Bills also sent the Bengals a fifth-round pick with a sixth-round pick coming back in return.

The Bills are sending the #21 overall pick and Glenn to the Bengals.

That said, there have been health questions surrounding Glenn as he was limited to making just five starts in the first nine games of the season due to nagging foot and ankle injury.

Overall, Glenn has played in 78 games (77 starts) during his six National Football League campaigns. This means the Bills moved up to 12th while the Bengals now pick 21st. With playmakers like A.J. Green and Joe Mixon in place, Glenn should help free up space and time in the backfield.

If Glenn is well, he'd go a long way toward filling a major void for the Bengals.

Of course, this trade could turn into a disaster for the Bengals if Glenn doesn't return to his pre-2016 form.

2015 first-round pick Cedric Ogbuehi hasn't progressed as expected, while Clint Boling is more suited to guard than tackle, despite his strong performance at tackle toward the end of the 2017 season. They dealt Tyrod Taylor to the Browns for a third-round pick on March 9. Even with all of their picks, the Bills still aren't in control of their situation.

This trade gives both teams some room to make moves this offseason. It resulted in him signing a five-year, $65 million contract with the team during the 2016 off-season. A big hit that they will take is his contract, but it will be worth it if Glenn can keep defenders off of Dalton. The Bills will be able to move further up in the first round to select the quarterback of their future and the Bengals get a veteran left tackle and are able to focus on the rest of the line moving forward.