Twitter Wants All Users to Undergo the Verification Process

  • Twitter Wants All Users to Undergo the Verification Process

Twitter Wants All Users to Undergo the Verification Process

Across Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, a blue checkmark indicates that you have an account big enough to warrant a more in depth verification of identity.

The social media site's CEO Jack Dorsey conducted a 47-minute live-stream on Periscope - owned by his company - in which he talked about how the company wants everyone to be able to get a blue check-mark in order to create more equality across all users. It will probably be a while before all real users get a checkmark, however, as Dorsey said the priority is verification around candidates in the 2020 United States election. The proposed system could be similar to on-demand services like Airbnb and Uber, which ask users to submit documentation and link other social accounts.

Before Dorsey discussed making verification available to everyone, Gasca, who is tasked with leading the team to fix the verification process, said Twitter is taking a full approach to rethinking how verification works. He prefaced his comment by saying that one of the intentions of the new verification process is to help people verify more identity details and to open verification to everyone.

The status symbol of Twitter which came out in the form of verification was later shared with journalist and other users and fan pages. In November, for example, Twitter stopped handing out new verified badges when the organizer of a white supremacist rally received one.

During Thursday's Q&A, company officials said they were rethinking the "context" around every Twitter users' profile, like who they are, and their history on Twitter. By withholding verification under some arbitrary measure of "importance", Twitter implied that verified users were important. Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have a "real name" policy and generally allows accounts to operate without requiring a user put their name on it. "We're going to be as open as we can", Dorsey said.

"That's going to be uncomfortable for us in many ways, but we want to be very open and very vulnerable with you all about what we're facing and what our challenges are". "The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic".