Kerala 'Love Jihad' case: 'Happy to be finally free now', says Hadiya

  • Kerala 'Love Jihad' case: 'Happy to be finally free now', says Hadiya

Kerala 'Love Jihad' case: 'Happy to be finally free now', says Hadiya

On a petition from Hadiya's father Asokan, Kerala High Court had annulled the marriage last May on the ground that Hadiya, who is in her mid-20s, had been brainwashed into marriage and radicalised.

Hadiya and her husband Shafin Jahan's victory in the apex court is bound to have far-reaching consequences.

Speaking to reporters here, Hadiya said her marriage became a topic of discussion only because it was accompanied by religious conversion.

In response, the Kerala high court had annulled Hadiya's marriage, placing her in the custody of her father after the prosecutors said they feared for her well-being.

"It was only PFI which stood by my side and helped us fight the case legally in the apex court", she said.

"We clarify that the investigation by the NIA in respect of any matter of criminality may continue in accordance with law", the court said. It must be noted that the Hadiya case has brought to the fore the alleged well-oiled racket to indoctrinate Hindu women as part of a larger sinister plot to convert them to Islam and use them as tools to further a devious design. On this basis, one may presume that either the Court was satisfied by the lawful nature of the marriage, or that the respondents in the present case failed to submit conclusive evidence against the lawful nature of the marriage.

"The Constitution gives all the freedom to choose their religion, which is a fundamental right of every citizen and all this happened because I embraced Islam", said Hadiya while interacting with the media.

"Shafin Jahan is a radicalised man, a stooge of the ISIS who was trying to wean away Hadiya to Syria under the pretext of marriage which is only a guise to take her away from the jurisdiction of her parents and any court", Shyam Diwan, senior advocate who appeared for Asokan told the SC. "I will try to convince the court about it once again", he said.

Justice Chandrachud said that even assuming that Hadiya was to be sent to West Asia to join a terror outfit, the government could always revoke her passport and impose travel curbs.

Mr Divan also alleged that Mr Jahan is a member of the core committee of a radical group.

"Hadiay finally got the freedom she yearned for, but it is too early to celebrate".