U.S. military parade to be held on Veterans Day

  • U.S. military parade to be held on Veterans Day

U.S. military parade to be held on Veterans Day

Trump ordered the Pentagon to plan a massive military parade reflecting American military power and the spirit of the American people, The Washington Post reported early last month.

While sketching out guidelines for the parade, the memo further announced it would "include wheeled vehicles only, no tanks - consideration must be given to minimise damage to local infrastructure".

It added that the parade would focus on the contributions of us military veterans throughout history, starting from the American Revolutionary War.

It's unclear if President Trump has approved the U.S. Military's plans.

"The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France", a military official reportedly said. A few weeks later, news broke that the event would be held on Veteran's Day.

The event should include a "heavy air component", the memo continued, but tanks won't be permitted due to their potential to wreck city streets.

In other words, heavy tanks could tear up the streets of DC and will thus not be allowed to rumble past the president on his reviewing stand.

Military parades are rare in the United States despite boasting the world's most powerful armed forces.

The Joint Staff is in charge of organizing the event, while the Northern Command will execute it on the day of.

"President Trump is incredibly supportive of America's great servicemembers who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said after news got out.

The memo also noted that the parade should honor veterans service organizations, including the Medal of Honor Association, and "highlight the evolution of women" in the military.

Donald Trump watches the Bastille Day parade in Paris in July 2017.

Outdoing the French may be hard without any tanks but Trump thinks the parade, which some lawmakers in both political parties have criticized, would boost the spirit of America.

The parade will also feature period uniforms from the Old Guard Fife and Drum, a unit that parades in period uniform.