Amazon to quiet Alexa's cackling

  • Amazon to quiet Alexa's cackling

Amazon to quiet Alexa's cackling

You ask Siri, Google or Alexa to hook it up with the facts, they provide an answer, but then you have a follow-up question. Alexa asks your name and offers to create your own personalized workout profile and program. You can notice this by the blue ring on an Echo or other Echo device staying lit up. It is interesting to note that the latest addition of a feature comes just a few days after, several Amazon Echo speaker users reported a unusual bug where Alexa was seen to be laughing for apparently no reason.

Available only in the United States, the new feature is called "Follow-Up Mode", and when it's turned on, you can make more requests without having to repeat the "Alexa" wake word.

First of all, Alexa is now able to understand and perform successive tasks without the user having to repeat the trigger word.

Amazon said its planned fix will involve disabling the phrase, "Alexa, laugh", and changing the command to "Alexa, can you laugh?" Select the appropriate device, scroll down until you see the Follow-Up mode slider and toggle it. After five seconds or so of no additional voice commands, Alexa's Follow-up Mode will stop and the blue indicator light will turn off.

Go to Alexa on the web.

On paper, follow-up mode sounds useful enough.

The company did not provide any further details, including whether it has any insight into what is causing the Echo devices to laugh spontaneously. For example, the "follow-up mode" works only when Alexa is sure that the second command is not a mere background noise. Currently, follow-up mode is only available in English, and will only work when Alexa isn't being used for another persistent activity such as listening to an audiobook or music.

The feature appears to be available for the entire Amazon Echo lineup, as well as some third-party Alexa devices.