LeBron James will consider the 76ers, Lakers and Rockets this summer

  • LeBron James will consider the 76ers, Lakers and Rockets this summer

LeBron James will consider the 76ers, Lakers and Rockets this summer

LeBron James, after the 64th game of his 15th National Basketball Association season, told ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth that his level of play is "probably an all-time high". The 33-year-old is averaging 27.0 points, 9.0 assists and 8.4 rebounds this season.

LeBron James doesn't have to make a free agent decision until the middle of July, but it has to be something that he's thought about in recent weeks. Just because of my body, my mind, the way I go out and approach the game. "I'm blessed, and I never take it for granted". However, they will be relying on LeBron James and Love to get 60 points per game for them, then relying on the supporting cast to get around 10 points each.

James is already within 3,500 minutes - or one regular season, plus another Finals run - of four of the six players.

Additionally, and more importantly from Cleveland's standpoint, is the fact it owns James's Bird rights, so the salary cap isn't a concern nor is the luxury tax as the Cavaliers have shown a willingness during this second go-around with James to pay the tax and keep their championship window open. I want him taking 15 shots, 18 shots and (looking) to score in the post.

"It's not my first rodeo, but I don't, it doesn't bother me", James said. The Rockets would be scary good with LeBron on board, and his legacy - if he cares about that at all, which he probably shouldn't - might take a hit if he leaves Cleveland again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (38-26) have an exciting match up on the west coast tonight (10:30 p.m.) against the Los Angeles Clippers (34-29).

He and James combined to score Cleveland's first 20 points, and their combined 34 points in the first half helped stake the Cavs to a 54-49 half-time lead. However, LeBron clearly has yet to trust these teammates in the clutch the way he trusted Kyrie Irving (LeBron was not looking to pass at the end of the Denver game), and if the Cavaliers don't build that trust they are even more vulnerable. "If I come into your building for a Game 1, I can be very challenging".

We've heard the Los Angeles Lakers bandied about as a potential landing spot.

Another sign that James' game has no sign of dropping off are the set of billboards erected in L.A. paid for by a Lakers fan, clamoring for him to come play for the purple and gold.

"It just kind of felt easy", Nance said. While the Cavs have no idea whether James will stay with the team, they also made a lot of moves at the NBA trade deadline to make the team, younger, more exciting and put them in a better position to make it back to the NBA Finals.