Africa should avoid forfeiting sovereignty to China over loans: Tillerson

  • Africa should avoid forfeiting sovereignty to China over loans: Tillerson

Africa should avoid forfeiting sovereignty to China over loans: Tillerson

Donald Trump's interaction with Africa since he was sworn in as America's president has been cold and limited.

Lavrov is now on a tour of African countries.

The US Secretary of State appreciated the cooperation between his country and Kenya on security in Somalia and South Sudan, saying the US stood ready to offer additional assistance whenever called upon to do so. China is the continent's largest trading partner and has invested in infrastructure across the continent.

He said the USA was also eager to engage Kenya in the Big Four to assist in its delivery, especially on relevant investments.

Analysts say Trump has focused mainly on security concerns in Africa at a time when China, Turkey and other nations are ramping up diplomatic and business links.

For context, by the year 2050, Nigeria will have a population larger than the USA and an economy larger than Australia's.

Tillerson said fighting corruption was another area of common cause between Africa and USA adding, we're very pleased to see that the African Union has named 2018 as the year for winning the fight against corruption. During the transition, mentions of the continent seemed largely in the context of cutting some of the United States signature aid and development programmes. "There is no monopoly, we have multifaceted, multifarious relations with parts of the world".

Tillerson reiterated USA desire for more African nations to apply concrete diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea, noting the global maximum pressure campaign, which has been supported by multiple UN Security Council resolutions.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Monday that Russia had proposed holding a meeting between the two top diplomats, after which US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert suggested that Washington had not received the request. One of them being the pain of terrorism.

Mahamat, in his remarks, said his discussions with the USA envoy was fruitful, noting the visit was taking place at a time when Africa was firmly embarking on the path to integration and reform.

Although the visit might have some level of sentiment, it is clear that no punches will be pulled as corruption, a thorny issues in African states, will feature prominently during the visit.

"Oftentimes, the financing models are structured in a way that the country, when it gets into trouble financially, loses control of its own infrastructure or its own resources through default", said the Secretary of State. He will then go to Chad and Nigeria.