Democrat turnout rise in Texas could help bid to retake House

  • Democrat turnout rise in Texas could help bid to retake House

Democrat turnout rise in Texas could help bid to retake House

Democrats saw a massive 87 percent surge in voter turnout compared with 2014 as the 2018 midterm election season kicked off in Texas's primary Tuesday. By early Wednesday, Democratic vote totals neared 1 million - nearly double 2014's turnout, a number not seen since the post-9/11 2002 races. According to the Texas Election Code, if you haven't affiliated with a particular party during the same voting year - by either participating in another party's primary or another party's convention - you can vote in any party's primary runoff election as long as you're registered to vote for that race, according to the Texas Election Code.

Beto O'Rourke secured the Democratic nomination to run against Republican Senator Ted Cruz, and, for the first time since 1992, the party has a candidate in all 36 of the state's congressional districts running for the House.

"I've spoken to innumerable senior citizens, retirees, parents of disabled children, people who understand what this administration means to their families".

David Wasserman, a congressional elections expert in Washington, said that even in a primary election, the enthusiasm level showed by Democrats is consequential. Kathaleen Wall, a Republican megadonor in Houston who pumped $6 million of her own money into her race for Congress, failed to survive a crowded nine-person field despite outspending all other candidates and having the backing of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

According to the Gallup poll, 32% of Americans have seen their paychecks increase thanks to the law, a major talking point for Republicans trying to build support for the legislation. However, the 1,037,779 Democratic voters fell half a million short of the GOP's 1,543,674 votes.

With about 70% of the precincts reporting, O'Rourke received about 505,000 votes in the Democratic primary and Cruz had about 1.1mn in the Republican race. We've gone over acceptable forms of ID in a previous Texplainer here.

Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke got through the Senate primary without a runoff, CNN projected, and is now set to take on Republican Sen.

Moser, a Houston journalist and the creator of a text-messaging tool instrumental in channeling progressive anger into activism against Trump, finished in second place in Tuesday's Democratic primary in Texas' seventh congressional district, Politico reported. Another is a sprawling district that runs along the Texas-Mexico border, where Gina Ortiz-Jones advanced to a May runoff and another woman, Judy Canales, was battling to join her. "This is not a spectator sport". "Sometimes it's against the overconfidence that comes with the success".

The state is also close to electing its first Latina congresswoman in history - and possibly the first two.

Rather than position itself as more populist, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has chose to embrace an interventionist strategy in the 2018 elections. Democrats, who once dominated Texas politics, would have to go back to 1994 to find more voters casting ballots for their party candidates.

Wayne Slater, retired senior political writer for The Dallas Morning News, says he is skeptical of a statewide Democratic wave in Texas, because of the voters who are fueling both parties.

Three of those Republican net gains came in Texas congressional districts.

"I think what we need to do as Democrats-what we do at the DNC is we don't get involved in heavily contested primaries, and the DCCC does and I respect the fact that they do endorse in primaries", Perez said. Trump won the district by 10 points in 2016.

"If Democrats are able to pick up one or two US House seats previously held by Republicans and cut into Republican margins in the state legislature.that would show that the party's 'blue wave" is no mirage, said Cal Jillson, a political analyst at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

This enthusiasm, he said, is being "fueled in reaction to" President Donald Trump, who endorsed Cruz and several other Texas Republicans in a tweet at the end of February. Even Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been indicted on felony securities fraud charges, clinched his party's nomination unopposed. Our reporters caught up with White and Valdez last night.