Celebrating International Women's Day 2018 around the world

  • Celebrating International Women's Day 2018 around the world

Celebrating International Women's Day 2018 around the world

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Around the world, companies, public institutions, and also the United Nations, are taking stock of their progress and of the remaining challenges with regard to gender equality.

Later that year, 100 women from 17 countries gathered to formally establish International Women's Day, which was first marked in 1911 when more than a million people rallied in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland for a women's rights to vote and work without discrimination.

If they had bothered to check, they'll know that there is such a thing as International Men's Day and it falls every year on 19 November, but thankfully, there is a man who spends a large chunk of his day putting that select group of menfolk in their place.

Though it has evolved over the years, the earliest Women's Day took place over a century ago in NY.

So while we observe International Women's Day, and we celebrate the achievements and contributions by women in our own community, it wouldn't hurt to remember that there are still challenges ahead, even in our apparent haven with successful and dedicated women here in Meaford.

The original aim of International Women's Day was to achieve gender equality for women - sadly, this has not yet been realised.

"There is a lot to fight for: Engage! We need power to make equality a reality", Margrethe Vestager, the European competition commissioner, tweeted.

A comedian will spend the entire of today raising cash for domestic abuse victims by educating social media users about International Men's Day and has already hit £80,000. "Wear red, bring an umbrella & join us". Gender inequality led to 15,000 women marching the streets of NY, protesting for shorter hours, better pay and the right to vote.

Women in Manila, Philippines used International Women's Day to "denounced President Rodrigo Duterte as among the worst violators of women's rights in Asia", according to the NYT, where hundreds protested in Plaza Miranda handing out roses to the mothers, sisters and widows of those suspected of drug offenses who were killed under Duterte's new drug crackdown.

There are many ways you can celebrate Women's Day.

Prior to today, women in Afghanistan were afraid to leave their homes under Taliban rule, but today, hundreds of women marched through Kabul in solidarity to give Afghan woman a voice. They also face the threat of kidnap.

Today is International Women's Day, a day where the world unites in one big push for gender parity, and this year it feels like a big one. Why?