'Black Ops 4' Likely To Be Next 'Call Of Duty' Installment

  • 'Black Ops 4' Likely To Be Next 'Call Of Duty' Installment

'Black Ops 4' Likely To Be Next 'Call Of Duty' Installment

Treyarch are developing 2018's Call of Duty title, and rumours point to that new game being Black Ops 4.

A tipster has sent us over images from their internal GameStop database, which appears to show new listings related to "CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4" merchandise. Dressed up in a full camo outfit, National Basketball Association superstar's hat looks like the Black Ops III logo's extension of "I", hence "IIII".

The Kotaku report also mentions that this latest Black Ops will be developed by game studio Treyarch, continuing their work on the series from I-III. Even in the face of what will reportedly be the next Black Ops game coming later this year, Treyarch continues to update Black Ops III.

No word yet on how Harden got his hands on a hat with the Black Ops IV logo. Veteran Call of Duty players may recognize this weapon, as it was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II back in 2012. However, many people love the Black Ops series, "Black Ops 3", is still popular as new content is added to it frequently. The publisher hosted a major event to announce Call Of Duty: WWII past year, so it'd make sense to have a similar celebration in 2018.

In them, Black Ops 4 lanyards and T-shirts are clearly listed with their respective prices, scheduled to arrive in May. Still, it is a mystery, yet we have some more information about the subject.

Rumors about the setting of the next game have been circulating for some time. Activision usually announces new Call of Duty titles around April or May so its a bit early for them to reveal anything yet.

The Redwood map is also getting updated with a new, snowier version for chillier battles.