Water, water everywhere except the kitchen sink

  • Water, water everywhere except the kitchen sink

Water, water everywhere except the kitchen sink

Some 126,000 have also had their supply restricted due to low levels in nearby reservoirs.

In the Greater Dublin Area Irish Water reported an increase of over 10% in demand from Friday to Sunday.

The move, which kicks in tonight (March 5) at 7pm, will also affect parts of Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

Irish Water has said there are still around 12,000 people without water supply around the country.

Water pressure to 1.2 million buildings across Dublin city and country will be reduced from 8pm-6am to try and deal with the shortage.

Skerries in north County Dublin is one of the towns were households are still dealing with a total cut-off.

"We are aware that some people were without water entirely and we will review with water engineers across the Dublin Councils today to see how we can minimise this impact".

"Repair crews continue to fix significant and minor leaks every day and customers are urged to report any water outages they experience or leaks they see to the Irish Water customer care line which is operational 24/7 on 1850 278 278".

"All we had to do was not open as early or I could have put in on Facebook or Twitter saying, "guys we are going to be running a little late, no water, no coffee" - let the customers know".

A "do not drink" order has been issued for people on the Fethard public water supply system in Co Tipperary. Despite having our plants working at peak output, storage of water in the reservoirs was significantly depleted.

Customers are being urged to conserve water where possible at this time by "not running dishwashers or washing machines where possible or taking baths".

The utility has warned that finding leaks is unfortunately not a "rapid process" - with extensive strain remaining in the network.

Mr Bell said issues of best practice and HSE expectations must be examined, so this kind of chaotic situation could be managed in the future.

Irish Water is appealing to customers to conserve water at this time.

Even after the restrictions were lifted, it took a number of hours for supply to return to some homes.

The Irish Water contact centre is available during 24/7 on 1850 278278 for customers to report outages.

A number of the major hospitals around the country are among the worst affected, according to the figures released by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.