Netflix just made nice improvements to its parental controls

  • Netflix just made nice improvements to its parental controls

Netflix just made nice improvements to its parental controls

Netflix is reworking its parental control settings to hand more power over to the parents.

While this is a more effective solution than a simple age gate, it isn't ideal - after all, parents may object to a specific show or movie but not everything within a given maturity level.

Mike Hastings, director of enhanced content at Netflix, said: "We understand that every family is different, and that parents have differing perspectives on what they feel is appropriate to watch at different ages".

Netflix already provides some basic level of parental controls by allowing parents to PIN-restrict the content their children have access to based on its maturity level, ranging from "Little Kids" (exclusively content that's rated G) to "Adults" (content rated R or similar). The company provided an example with Trolls, where the PG MPAA rating was seen in the top left-hand corner with "some mild and rude humor" under it.

Netflix is also going to start displaying the maturity level of a series or film much more prominently. The company will continue looking into other ways to make this kind of info readily available.

Netflix just made it easier for parents to control what their kids can watch. And when a profile isn't set as a "child", parents can also stipulate that a four-digit PIN is required to access content above a pre-determined maturity level.

Netflix will roll these tools out over the coming months. The changes will be coming to global markets in the "coming months". Should a parent disagree with the bucket a particular show or movie falls into, they can now choose to add it to their personal restricted list, thus preventing it from reaching their child's eyes.

Netflix has rolled out enhancements for parental controls on its service today so that they can better control the content that their kids can access on the service.