Trump to attend Gridiron dinner with media

  • Trump to attend Gridiron dinner with media

Trump to attend Gridiron dinner with media

President Trump on Saturday participated in the Gridiron Club dinner's long-standing tradition of presidential speeches filled with self-deprecating humor, flinging barbs at his own administration as well as the usual targets.

Saying staff members wondered if he could make fun of himself, Trump told the annual Gridiron Club dinner that "nobody does self-deprecating humor better than I do - no one is even close".

The president started the humorous address by apologizing to everyone for arriving late, saying they were late because Jared Kushner could not get through the security.

Mr Trump said his staff were anxious that he couldn't do self deprecating humour, to which he joked "I told them not to worry". He said former aide Steve Bannon talked too much to reporters, and "leaked more than the Titanic".

Trump saved some of his edgier jokes for Democrats.

When it came to impeachment, he framed it around a mini-roasting of Vice President Mike Pence: "Mike is doing a fantastic job as Vice President".

Turning to the media, Trump said he and The New York Times are both New York City icons - "the only difference is I still own my buildings".

When that one landed well with the crowd, Trump was miffed.

'The Gridiron Dinner last night was great fun, ' Trump wrote in his first tweet of the day, which he didn't send out until Sunday afternoon.

Since its foundation in 1855, nearly every president has attended the annual white tie dinner at least once during their administration.

Saturday was a rare appearance for the President, who has avoided events in the past where he might mingle with the media or Washington establishment. The president, not a professional comedian, had some hits, but also drew silence with some cracks.

On North Korea, Trump said he "won't rule out direct talks with Kim Jong Un", noting that the reclusive regime "called up a couple of days ago" and expressed a desire to talk.

Just hours before, Trump tweeted that "Mainstream Media in United States is being mocked all over the world".

Donald Trump sat out the last White House Correspondents' Dinner, but chose to make an appearance at a similar event on Saturday.

And despite what Trump's wife, Melania, must be feeling after learning of two alleged affairs that Trump may have had early in their marriage, there was Trump joking about his wife: "So many people have been leaving the White House". The annual closed-door dinner, hosted by the exclusive group of top Washington journalists, traditionally includes a night of jokes, skits and musical numbers. Landrieu also joked that he understands the loneliness of the of the presidency: "I understand lonely because I am a Democrat from the South".

And speaking of applause, we all know Trump thrives on adulation.

Many reports and rumors from the White House have said that the First Lady has been distant and icy, especially since the latest batch of revelations concerning adult actress Stormy Daniels came out.

He turned to his wife and said, "You love me?" Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden and a slew of female Democratic hopefuls for president in 2020.

"Lately, it bothers me".