Tiger Brands, Shoprite remove listeriosis products

  • Tiger Brands, Shoprite remove listeriosis products

Tiger Brands, Shoprite remove listeriosis products

The fact that the source could not be found hurt all food suppliers in South Africa and they were all advised to test their products.

The source of the ‘worst outbreak of listeria in South Africa was confirmed yesterday by health minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, as coming from processed meat plants in Polokwane and Germiston.

Enterprise said it would undertake a national recall of its ready-to-eat meat product range.

"I already packed my kids' lunch with this product, so I'm shocked", said Tshepo Makhura, a 37-year-old call centre agent, who had returned to one store to demand a refund.

As of March 2, South Africa's check of research center affirmed Listeria contaminations since January 2017 remained at 948.

Listeriosis is a disease caused by the bacterium listeria monocytogenes, with pregnant women, newborns, elderly and people with weakened immune systems most susceptible.

The public is urged to heed caution when it comes to consuming such products and rather remove them from their fridges.

Tiger Brands said it had contacted all of its customers to make sure all the recalled products have been removed from shelves, and will be conducting print, radio and online communications to reach out to consumers.

He did acknowledge that the government had linked the ST6 strain of listeria bacteria detected in Enterprise facilities with the outbreak that has resulted in 180 deaths.

The public is being warned by local health authorities to avoid all processed meat products produced by Enterprise Foods as well as Rainbow Chicken, while the Consumer Goods Council has announced that consumers will be refunded if they return contaminated products.

Processed meat manufacturer Enterprise has since recalled all its products from supermarket shelves.

Environmental health officials were notified and obtained samples from two unrelated polony brands manufactured by Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken Ltd. (RCL) which were submitted for testing the same day.

RCL foods said it suspended all production of its polony brand at the Wolwehoek processing plant following the announcement by Motsoaledi.

"We encourage teachers and parents to report to the nearest health care facility if learners present with diarrhoea, headache, neck stiffness, confusion, loss of balance and flu like symptoms".