Russian Federation slams 'illegal and harmful' extended U.S. sanctions

  • Russian Federation slams 'illegal and harmful' extended U.S. sanctions

Russian Federation slams 'illegal and harmful' extended U.S. sanctions

Putin's comments on the 1991 collapse of the USSR - which bound Russian Federation and many of its neighbors, while exerting influence in Eastern Europe and overseas for nearly seven decades - came at a question-and-answer forum held Friday in Kaliningrad.

The Russian president also warned that his country's military buildup would be able to cancel out NATO's amassment of military force on Russia's borders, though he stressed that Russia did not intend to attack any other country.

RT also noted that the military of the former Soviet Union and Russian Federation has sometimes settled on "choosing peculiar names for its weaponry, which seldom seems suited to any kind of war machine".

The initiative, which drew controversy for its high costs and futuristic ambitions, ended after the Soviet Union's collapse. And with Russian elections just a week away, it's a factor still worth watching.

Although Putin indicated that he would consider evidence brought by United States investigators, he said they didn't represent the Russian state or authorities.

DARPA has also advised the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) on ways to protect against hypersonics as part of the ballistic missile defense review, Walker said.

He was asked what event in the Russian history he would like to revise.

Speaking at a separate meeting on March 5, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov repeated Russian accusations that the United States is seeking to meddle in the Russian election. "One-hundred percent you do, and people who are well-educated, who must understand that we, Russia, can not prosecute anyone if they have not violated Russian law".

Putin has been been leader of Russian Federation in some form or another since 2000, making him the longest-serving Kremlin leader since Joseph Stalin.

He showed off a bunch of new or recent nuclear weapons systems, created to defeat United States missile defenses. Rather, according to one USA official, the policy will more discretely look at ways the United States can better deal with burgeoning missile threats from Russian Federation and China in regional theaters such as Europe and Asia, where the two countries' systems have alarmed the American military.

Putin is expected to win the election by large margin as there is no strong candidate running against him.